Celebrating the New Year

With the New Year a week away, it’s time to start planning the party you will be hosting on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate the New Year with those you love, and to invoke the celebratory mood, it’s important to create a cheerful setting with festive decorations.

To set the mood, hang glamorous, metallic streamers from the ceiling, or decorate tables with glittered candles to light up the room and bring the Times Square energy into your home. 

If you provide a sit-down meal, consider decorating the table with black and silver, as these are popular colors of the holiday. Balloons, confetti, and any fancy and shimmery decorations will bring the New Year to your table. 

It’s not New Year’s Eve without counting down and celebrating at midnight, so create an area either on a table or your mantel, and decorate the surface with clocks of all colors, shapes and sizes. Provide each guest with confetti and noise makers to celebrate when the ball drops at the stroke of midnight.

With any party, especially a New Year’s party, there are bound to be messes and spills, so make sure to reference our carpet clean up guide to rid your floors of any unwanted messes. 


Pets for Patriots fundraising event a success

In November, each of our locations hosted a  Pets For Patriots pics with pets day.  Supporters came out with their pets and had them photographed.  The best part, all proceeds go directly to Pets for Patriots.

 The events were a big success and fun for all.  Below are some notable pictures from the event.  View all the event photos on our Pinterest board.

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From our West Chester location:


From our Downingtown Location:

From our Middletown Location:

Check out this time-lapse video of our Downingtown event

 Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this great cause.

Getting Your Home Winter Ready

With the cold weather already around us, it’s time to prepare your home for winter, which will help lower your utility bills and protect your investment.

Several items to add to your to-do list for the exterior of your home are to clean the gutters,  as this will prevent water damage to your roof, siding and trim, and also prevent any leaks. Also consider restocking your winter essentials, such as salt or ice melt, along with removing screen windows and replacing them with storm windows.

Inside your home, having your chimney cleaned and inspected is a safe caution that should be taken to prevent any unfortunate events, along with testing your smoke detectors.

If you have a ceiling fan, reverse the direction of the blades to clockwise. This will push down heated air from the ceiling, which could allow you to turn the heat down several degrees.

How are you getting your home ready for winter?